Training and Benefits


WVFC at multi-department training exercise

Free training classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Heath Care Provider CPR
  • Pro Board Firefighter I – Firefighter II
  • Hazmat Awareness and Operations
  • Virginia /Nationally Registered EMT-Basic
  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)
  • Pro Board Emergency Vehicle Operator I – III, Driver Pumper Operator, Driver Aerial Operator
  • Heavy and Tactical Rescue classes
  • Pro Board Officer I – Officer IV
  • Pro Board Instructor I – Instructor III

Company-wide training is provided at least twice a year as well.


  1. Community Service: Volunteering as a firefighter and/or allows you to serve your community and make a positive impact on the safety and well-being of your neighbors and fellow residents.
  2. Skill Development: You’ll receive training in various aspects of firefighting, emergency response, and rescue operations. These skills can be valuable not only in the fire service but also in other areas of your life.
  3. Personal Growth: Working in a volunteer fire department can help you develop leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to handle high-pressure situations. It’s an opportunity for personal growth and development.
  4. Teamwork: Firefighting is a team-based endeavor, and you’ll learn to work closely with a diverse group of individuals, fostering strong bonds and camaraderie.
  5. Physical Fitness: Firefighting requires a high level of physical fitness. Joining a volunteer fire department can motivate you to maintain or improve your fitness level, which can have positive effects on your overall health.
  6. Career Opportunities: For some, volunteering can be a stepping stone to a career in firefighting or related fields like emergency medical services (EMS). It’s a chance to gain experience and make valuable connections in the industry.
  7. Networking: You’ll have the opportunity to network with professionals in various fields, including emergency services, healthcare, and local government, which can be beneficial for your personal and professional life.
  1. Sense of Purpose: Volunteering in the fire service provides a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. Knowing that you’re contributing to public safety and saving lives can be incredibly rewarding.
  2. Community Involvement: You’ll become more deeply connected to your community, and your involvement can help build a sense of trust and cooperation between the fire department and the community it serves.
  3. Sense of Belonging: Becoming part of a volunteer fire department often means joining a close-knit, supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to public safety.
  4. Education and Training Opportunities: Many volunteer fire departments offer ongoing education and training opportunities, which can include advanced certifications and courses in various emergency response disciplines.
  5. Personal Satisfaction: The knowledge that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life during their time of need can provide a deep sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
  6. Resume Enhancement: Volunteering as a firefighter can be a valuable addition to your resume, demonstrating your commitment to community service and your ability to handle challenging situations.

Please contact re*******@wa***********.org for further information.

Junior Company and Cadet Company

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company Mission - image of confident firefighters holding tools in front of truck
  • The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company is proud to offer a Junior Company and Cadet Company for ages 16-18 and ages 14-15 respectively. These programs are a valuable opportunity for students in our area to get professional experience and exposure to fire and rescue as a career opportunity.
  • Cadets will be recognized as prospects ages 14-16. These cadets will fall under the same handling of junior members however; they are not allowed to take classes until their 16th birthday. The cadets will fall under the Junior Company Advisor in the chain of command.
  • Applicants are considered Juniors between the ages of 16-18. If the interested applicant is 15 years of age but will turn 16 prior to the meeting at which they are potentially voted into membership the applicant is allowed to go through the process.
  • Members are expected to attend school and maintain, at a minimum, a “C” average. Any member receiving a grade lower than a “D” or an incomplete grade mark will be immediately suspended from the company until the grade has been raised to a minimum of a “C”.
    • If at any time, a member of the company is suspended from school they shall also be suspended from the WVFC for the same amount of time. The WVFC will also take this suspension into consideration to see if it violated any of our code of conduct expectations, which in turn may allow for further suspension from the WVFC and/or even membership termination.
  • Members must leave any property owned or operated by WVFC by 2100 hours on school nights, and 2300 hours on non-school nights.