Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company - Wagon 1 fire truck front view

Celebrate 100 years of service with us at our 100th Anniversary Firefighters Parade on Saturday, September 7th!

We are now accepting parade entries through August 1st. Priority parade participation will be given to fire and EMS apparatus. There will be awards for various categories! Scan the QR code to get started or register by clicking below.

Parade will end at Fauquier High School with field judging of apparatus, food trucks, raffles and children’s activities available.


Thank you Warrenton for being a part of our historic milestone!

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The mission of this organization shall be to prevent and extinguish fires, to maintain a modern and efficient Fire Company at all times for the protection of life and property, provide Emergency Medical Services in accordance with current Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services Licensure, and to provide technical rescue and hazardous materials support in part of cooperation with other agencies and jurisdictions, while also helping the community, citizens, and visitors during their time of need.

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Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company

1 day 5 hours ago

Happy Fourth of July - let’s light up the sky safely! 🎆 Every year there are accidents related to fireworks that can be prevented. Enjoy the fireworks, but leave the sparks to the pros. Your safety is our priority, and together, we can ensure a spectacular and safe celebration for everyone.

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company

3 days 2 hours ago

🔥 July is National Grilling Month and the peak month for grill fires. Stay safe with these quick tips! 🔥

Charcoal Grill Safety:

1. Use a charcoal chimney with newspaper for a safe start.
2. Only use charcoal starter fluid—never add to an existing fire.
3. Store starter fluid away from children and heat sources.
4. Opt for electric starters with an outdoor-rated extension cord.
5. Allow coals to cool completely before disposing in a metal container.

Propane Grill Safety:

1. Check the gas tank hose for leaks annually using soapy water.
2. If you detect a leak without a flame, turn off the gas and grill, then service before using.
3. Call the fire department immediately if the leak persists or if you smell gas while cooking.
4. Always wait 15 minutes to re-light if the flame goes out.

Enjoy your summer grilling, but remember, safety first! 🌭🍔