Records and Reports Requests

Request an Incident Report

The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company will provide copies of any reports associated with a medical emergency or fire incident, or will redirect to the appropriate agency.

Incident Report Request

Fire Incident Reports:

Full Fire Incident reports are Protected Identifiable Information reports (PII) and can only be released to the owner, landlord, and tenant (OLT). Photo identification is required at records pick up.

Public records requests can be obtained, but will not include any (PII).

*A signed release statement is required if records are to be given to a person other than the OLT. (i.e. third party, attorney, or public records company).

There is no fee.

EMS Incident Reports:

EMS (medical) reports are HIPAA protected and can only be released to the patient. Photo identification is required at records pick up.

Medical information will not be released without a written request from the patient or a properly executed, court-ordered subpoena. The release authorization should be signed and dated by the patient and identify 1) the information requested and 2) the name, address, and institutional affiliation of the person to whom the information is to be disclosed.
*A signed release statement is required if records are to be given to a person other than the patient (i.e. spouse, attorney, or insurance company).

If the patient is a minor, the parent must show proof of custody along with photo identification.
If the patient is deceased, the requester must have durable power of attorney for medical along with photo identification.

There is no fee.

Incident Pictures:

Pictures and images are only made available if they have been publicly released. These are posted on the main website as a press release. Any pictures of or with PII or PHI are protected and will not be released publicly.

What is PII? = Protected Identifiable Information

What is PHI? = Protected Health Information

There is no fee.

You will be notified when your report is ready for pick up.

A response can take up to 48 hours.
Please allow for 10 processing days.


Freedom of Information Act Requests

FOIA requests which pertain to the retrieval of documents or records are processed by the Office of Professional Standards of the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company. These requests can be submitted to the WVFC in person, by mail or in email form. FOIA requests will be accepted from any citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, any representative of print media with a publication in the state and any representative of television or radio media broadcasting in or into the state.

FOIA requests should be as detailed as reasonably possible and outline the specific information and/or records you are seeking to obtain. The WVFC is not required to make a new record in response to any FOIA request. Requests in written or email form will be accepted and forwarded for processing when received Monday through Friday (except holidays) during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please note there are requirements which are necessary in order to submit a request and certain records which may be exempt under Virginia FOIA. A link to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act is provided above which provides additional information on these exemptions and requirements. The WVFC is also allowed to charge a reasonable cost associated with Virginia FOIA requests and the payment may be required before the request is fulfilled.

In person or mail:

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company
ATTN: Records Officer, FOIA Request
167 West Shirley Ave, Warrenton, VA 20186

Via e-mail:

fo*********@wa***********.org, “FOIA Request” is suggested for the subject line of the email
(*Note: This email address is only monitored during our normal business hours outlined above.)

Questions?  Call 540-347-0522

Loss / Damage Reports

Estimated Dollar Losses and Values

Definition: Estimates of the total property and contents dollar loss and the pre-incident value of the property and contents.

An estimate of the property and contents dollar loss is required for all fires where the value is known.


Rough estimation of the total loss to the structure and contents, in terms of the cost of replacement in like-kind and quantity. This estimation of the fire loss includes contents damaged by fire, smoke, water, and overhaul. This does not include indirect loss, such as business interruption.

Pre-Incident Value:

Estimation of the replacement cost of the structure and contents.


Collecting property and content losses illustrates the magnitude of the fire problem, provides an additional indicator of the incident severity, and can be used to evaluate progress in fire protection. This information can help local communities, states, and the country determine the amount of money that should be spent on fire protection. Estimated property and content losses are also crucial for identifying types of situations where high monetary losses are common. This information helps target fire prevention programs. Loss estimates also can beused to evaluate the cost effectiveness of various equipment and fire protection practices. Pre-incident values help delimit the magnitude of the potential fire problem by providing a basis for comparison.

Monetary losses should be estimated as accurately as possible, though it is understood that the estimates may be rough approximations.

Estimated dollar loss is required for all fires reported in VFIRS. Pre-incident value is not required and is reported sporadically by most fire departments. Through education, marketing, and training, efforts are being made to educate the Virginia fire service on the importance of reporting both dollar loss and property value. By reporting loss and value, localities and the state get a better measure of the impact of fires in the Commonwealth.