Addie Norden


Addie’s journey with our organization began at the age of 16 when she joined as a junior member, marking the start of her impressive commitment to the fire and rescue community. Her family has a rich history of involvement in Fauquier County fire and rescue, with her mother having served as the Chief of Company 6 before our merger, and her grandfather holding the esteemed role of Fauquier County’s Medical Director.

In high school, Addie’s dedication shone brightly as she earned her EMT and firefighter certifications. By the age of 18, she had achieved the status of a paramedic, demonstrating her exceptional skills and passion for emergency medical services. Within our department, Addie has held various key roles, including head of recruiting, secretary, and social media manager. She played a pivotal role in reviving our Cadet program, furthering our commitment to nurturing the next generation of responders.

Currently, Addie holds the position of Captain within our EMS Division, where her leadership continues to make a significant impact. Her academic accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, and she has ambitious plans to pursue medical school in the future. Beyond our borders, she serves as a paramedic with the Berkeley County Emergency Ambulance Authority in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

Addie’s dedication extends to education, as she actively teaches paramedic certification courses for Associates in Emergency Care and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. Her multifaceted contributions underscore her unwavering commitment to the field of emergency medicine and our community’s safety.

Years of service at WVFC: 7

Paramedic and Firefighter