WVFC Training Day

As announced on Sunday October 16th Warrenton Fire and the Warrenton Training Center crews participated in a live fire training burn. This invaluable opportunity allowed our staff to train in an- as close to real life simulation as safely possible. Crews spent 8 hours training on Single family dwelling (SFD) structure fire evolution’s. During these evolution’s the crews rotated throughout the varying roles required of fire ground operations. The training covered our (NOVA/Fauquier) SFD policy, Incident command system (ICS), Fire attack, forced entry, search and rescue, and Rapid intervention Team (RIT). In total 8 evolution’s were completed. This allowed each crew to operate in a role at least twice.

In conjunction our Virginia Fire Programs Driver-Pumper Operator class (DPO), ran there practical scenarios day pumping and supplying for the training. Eight students completed water supply and various pumping sessions during the eight hour day.

A lot of planning, compliance and preparations are required to execute this type of training. We are extremely grateful to be afforded this excellent training opportunity and thank those that assisted in making it possible.


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