Unconscious Person Confined – S. Third St.

Alarm 0105 was sounded around 1500 hours for an unconscious person under a restaurant in a crawl space. Wagon-1, Rescue- 1, Chief- 1, Medic-1, Battalion 1, Chief 1100 responded with 12 personnel. On arrival, Chief- 1 spoke with workers who informed him that there was an unconscious worker in the crawl space that they had been trying to extricate themselves. W1 ventilated the crawl space and entered the crawl space with meter to check for any harmful gasses. W1’s Officer then began basic patient care by checking him for injuries and administering oxygen. While W1 began removing the patient from the crawl space, R1 enlarged the entrance to the crawl space and both crews proceeded to remove the patient from the crawl space. M1 determined that the patient needed to be flown to a trauma center and Command had AirCare dispatched to land at Fauquier Hospital.  M1 transported the patient to the LZ at Fauquier Hospital where they turned patient care over to Air Care.  Units cleared the scene within 50 minutes of being dispatched.

Units on the assignment: Chief1, Chief 1100, BC1101, W1, R1, M1, Air Care1

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