Traffic Crash with Entrapment – Lee Hwy

Alarm 0123 was sounded for a traffic collision; rollover with entrapment. Rescue, Medic, and Ambulance 1 arrived on location to find a vehicle on its side, with the driver still trapped inside. Wagon 19’s officer established Lee Hwy command while Rescue 1’s crew went to work stabilizing the vehicle and preparing for the extrication. The roof was removed, and the patient was transferred to the EMS crews. Units from Culpepper County were also on scene providing assistance with patient care and hazards. Wagon 11 set up a LZ in front of the accident scene, and was ground contact for Air Care 1. Company 1 units remained on scene for an additional 20 minutes for clean up.

Units on the assignment: R1, A1-2, M1, W11, W19, A1209, E1209

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