Traffic Crash with Entrapment – Airlie Rd

Box 0130 sounded for a single vehicle into a stone wall with one pinned and one in the road.   Wagon, Wagon 1 Bravo, Rescue, Medic 1 and Medic-19 responded with 18 personnel. Units arrived to find a single vehicle that had struck a stone post head-on. One person had self-extricated and was lying on the ground and one person was still in the vehicle pinned and trapped. Wagon 1 crew placed a protective hose line in service and Rescue 1 crew went to work to free the pinned occupant. After 20 minutes the occupant was freed.  Wagon-1B established the landing zone, marshaling two helicopters. Both patients were airlifted to a local trauma center iNOVA Fairfax due to their injuries.  All units cleared after working for an hour.

Units on the assignment: W1, W1B, R1, M1, M19


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