Traffic Collision with Entrapment – 6400 Lee Hwy

On Thursday, December 3rd, box 0133 was sounded for the reported traffic collision with entrapment. Engine, Rescue Squad, Medic, and Battalion 1 responded with 12 personnel. Upon their arrival Engine 1 found one vehicle on its roof that had appeared to have gone through a gas station price sign. Upon further investigation one person was found still in the vehicle. Rescue Squad 1 arrived and began stabilizing the vehicle, they were assisted with half of Engine 1s crew, after stabilization, they began working on removing the passenger side driver and rear passenger doors as well as the driver’s door on the driver’s side; the other half of Engine 1s crew removed brush and trees that were in the way. Battalion 1 established command, and with both crews from Company 1 working requested Engine and Medic 10. Medic 10 assisted Medic 1, and Engine 10 established a landing zone for the soon arriving medical helicopter that had been requested. The stabilization and extrication operation was completed in approximately 10 minutes, the occupant of the vehicle was transferred to waiting EMS crews and later transferred to flight medics who flew the occupant to a waiting trauma center.

Units on the run: E1, R1, M1, M10, E10, Batt 1


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