Traffic Collision – Winchester Rd.

On Wednesday June 15th 2016, Rescue Squad 1 was requested on box 0509 for an accident with confirmed people trapped. This particular area of Fauquier County was on the far northern end, causing the crew to travel a good distance to the incident. Once they arrived they found a large box truck and small pickup truck had collided in an off-setting manner. The box truck was found several hundred feet away overturned, and the pickup was in the middle of the roadway leaving the occupant trapped and pinned by the vehicle. The crew from the Rescue Squad removed the drivers door, the roof, and lifted the dash. The occupant was turned over to waiting Medics from EMS and Aircare and flown to a waiting trauma center. Rescue Squad 1 was in service shortly after. While the crew was working, the WVFC maintained two additional crews in house.


Units on the run: W11, RSQ1, E603, M603, Batt.603, M10, M5, Batt.3

5 box trap


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