Traffic Accident – W. Shirley Ave

On Friday September 23rd, 2015 Box 0101 was sounded for a reported traffic accident alerting Engine and Medic 1. Medic 1 arrived first confirming the dispatched information of a multi vehicle accident with multiple injuries, they also found one occupant trapped in their vehicle and requested Rescue Squad 1 and an additional Medic unit. Engine 1 arrived during that transmission establishing command, they also prepped the vehicle for Rescue Squad 1, controlled fluid leaks. Rescue Squad 1 arrived and quickly extricated one and transferred them to a waiting EMS unit. Patients were transported to Fauquier Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


Units on the run: E1, RSQ1, M1, M10, Batt1


IMG_0089-1024x768IMG_0090 IMG_0091

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