Jacob Donahue


Technician Donahue’s journey began with the Catlett Volunteer Fire Department when he was just 14 years old, signifying the early roots of his passion for fire and rescue. In 2019, he made the pivotal decision to turn that passion into a career working for Fauquier County Fire and Rescue, a transition that has allowed him to fully realize his lifelong dream. Growing up in Fauquier County, he has cherished the opportunity to serve the community he has called home. Throughout his volunteer service, Technician Donahue has had the privilege of forging lasting friendships with remarkable individuals. Many of these connections have transcended into working relationships, where he continues to serve alongside these great people during emergency calls and within the station. For him, it’s a true blessing to work alongside some of his closest friends, making his assignment here at WVFC a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.