Structure Fire – Piccadilly Dr

Box 0216 was sounded for a structure fire. Units arrived on scene to find a two story wood framed multi-family building, with heavy smoke showing from the eaves and fire running the delta(right)/charlie(rear) sides. AC-1 arrived and established command. Crews started with an exterior knock down on the delta and charlie sides. Once the exterior was extinguished crews entered side alpha(front) for fire attack on the involved apartment. Crews continued operating interior on both apartments looking for extension and access to the second floor. Initial conditions improved. The side alpha(front) apartment entrances were only single floor units. Crews were able to access the second floor apartment from an exterior door on side bravo(left). During the time of initial fire attack and locating access to the second floor the fire was able to retake the attic and break through the roof. Tower 1 was used to extinguish the remaining fire. Once the fire was extinguished, crews checked the structure to find no further extension. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Units on the assignment:

AC1, W1, K1, T1, E2, R2, W1202, E1209, K10, K13, K1209, W7, AC7, W10, RE13, WG19, U1

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