Structure Fire – Orchid Lane

On Tuesday March 29th box 1009 was struck for the reported structure fire. Wagon 1 responded as the 2nd due engine, Rescue Squad 1 responded as the first due Rescue Squad and Tanker 1 as the 2nd due Tanker with a total of 10 personnel. Wagon 1 arrived 2nd securing the first due engines water as the Officer and bucket fireman stretched the second hose line to the front of the house for fire attack. Wagon 1 was assigned fire attack in the house as Wagon 10s crew extinguished fire on side charlie (rear of the home) and side bravo (side of the home). Wagon 1 found and extinguished a large volume of fire on the first floor and then moved to the second floor finding the same. Wagon 10s Officer established Command until relieved by Battalion 2, who made Wagon 1 division supervisor of the number 2 floor. Rescue Squad 1 performed primary searches on the number 1 and number 2 floor and also secured utilities. They worked with Wagon and  1 on the interior of the home. Tanker 1 relieved Wagon 1 once they exited to rehab. All units conducted salvage and overhaul operations and operated for several hours.

Units on the run: W10, W1, W19, W7, W4, K10, K1, K7, RSQ1, A10, M14, Batt.2


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