Structure Fire – North Third St

Alarm 0106 was sounded for a working structure fire. Dispatch advised fire was coming from an electrical panel. Battalion 1102 arrived on scene and advised of a three story building with nothing evident from sides Alpha and Bravo. Wagon 1 arrived and laid supply line from Main Street to Side Alpha. Wagon 1’s crew entered the structure and found a burned electrical panel with minor extension to the ceiling. The fire had been extinguished by an electrician prior to fire department arrival. Wagon 1, Tower 1, and Rescue 1 completed a search of the building, secured power to the building, and checked for extension in the wall around the electrical panel. There was no extension and the building was ventilated. Town of Warrenton Fire Marshal arrived on scene and investigated.

Units on the assignment: BC1102, AC1, W1, R1, T1, M1, E10, W19, E2

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