Structure Fire – Lee Hwy

Alarm 0133 was sounded for a working commercial structure fire. The caller advised that they had a kitchen fire they could not put out. Wagon 1 arrived on scene with nothing showing all sides. The staff and patrons had already evacuated the structure. Wagon 1 established command. The store operator greeted us at the entrance and advised they had just extinguished the fire on the cooking range. Crews were assigned to ensure the structure was clear of all persons, the fire was extinguished and to check for any extension. Upon entering the structure hazy smoke conditions were noted. The ceiling was opened up along with a check of the hood and ventilation system for the cook top. No fire was found outside of the kitchen. The fire was contained to the cooking range itself with radiant heat damage to the walls nearby. There was no extension and the building was ventilated. The fire was caused by spilled cooking grease while operating the range.

Units on the assignment: Chief-1, W1, R1, T1, M1, E10, W19, E4

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