Structure Fire – Langston Lane

Alarm 0106 was sounded for a working structure fire. Engine 1 arrived on scene with nothing showing side Alpha. Upon entering the structure heavy smoke conditions were noted on the second floor in the foyer area. A hose line was deployed to the 2nd floor where an active fire was found in the dryer. A quick attack was made and the fire was out. The ceiling was opened up along with the wall inside the laundry room, as well as part of the hallway and a bedroom due to the possibly of fire in the attic. No fire was found outside of the laundry room, and no structural components showed fire damage. This fire was contained primarily to the dryer with radiant heat damage to the room, and smoke damage throughout the house. There was no extension and the building was ventilated. Town of Warrenton Fire Marshal arrived on scene and investigated.

Units on the assignment: Chief-1, E1, R1, T1, M1, E10, W19, E2

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