Structure Fire – Fairfax St

On Tuesday, January 19th, box 0108 was struck reporting a residential structure fire. Crews arrived to find a two-story single family house with fire one the first and second floors and extending into the attic. The occupant was able to escape to the back yard and was later transported to Fauquier Hospital for evaluation. Initial crews initiated an aggressive fire attack on the first and second floors and very shortly after several gusts of wind forced fire into the home at a rapid rate forcing crews to retreat and back out of the home away from the wind-driven fire. By this time the fire had forced its way through the entire attic and second floor. Tower and Engine 1 chauffeurs placed their ladder pipe and deck gun in service for a short period to gain control of the fire, once that was completed crews re-entered the house to fully extinguish the remaining fire. Crews operated with temperatures in the teens for almost three hours. A heated school bus was requested by Command to assist with rehab of crews who operated, as well as a sand truck for the neighborhood as water from the fire attack created icy conditions. The fire is currently under investigation, no injuries were reported to fire service personnel. Chief 1 held the command throughout the incident, Prince William County Fire and Rescue units provided coverage in Warrenton until units were available.


Units on the run: E1, W10, W19, E3, E11, E4, TW-1, M1, M1-2, Chief 1, Chief 1100, Chief 3, Batt.1, Batt.1100


Photo Credit: The Fauquier Times

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