Structure Fire – Elk Run Rd

Minutes after the 1309 Box on Midland Rd was dispatched, Box 1310 was struck for a reported structure fire.  Most of the Southern units were already committed to Midland Rd, so some units were released to help make up the compliment.  Tanker 1 arrived on scene with a large, Balloon Frame, two story, single family structure with fire showing on side Charlie.  Tanker 1’s officer established Elk Run Command, and advised the next in Engine to lay a line to tanker 1 and prepare for rural water operations.  Tanker 1’s officer performed a 360 and noted fire on side Charlie of the house, with an attached breezeway fully involved, which was attached to another small structure that was fully involved.  A two inch attack line was advanced to side Charlie by Tanker 1’s crew for initial fire attack.  Once Engine 1514 and Engine 1 arrived on scene, crews advanced a line into the main house to start knocking the remaining fire.  Units remained on scene for four hours fighting fire and performing overhaul.

Units on Scene: K1, E13, E1. E2, E1514, E506, E1504, W10, K11, K1209, K10, K1202, K8, U13,   Chief-13, AC10, BC502

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