Structure Fire – East Shirley Ave

Box 0106 was struck for a reported structure fire. Wagon 1 arrived on scene and advised they had a two story school with nothing showing sides Alpha, Bravo, Delta. Battalion 1 held command. A maintenance worker met with the crews advising that work was being completed on the auditorium HVAC unit. The fire was located in the mechanical room which services that area of the building. The fire was extinguished and the affected areas were checked for extension. The fire was contained to the HVAC unit. Smoke from the fire charged the auditorium, gym and main level. Crews worked extensively to ventilate the structure. Mutual Aid from Prince William County was requested for a specialized ventilation apparatus. MVU(Mobile Ventilation Unit)-514 arrived and assisted in completing ventilation. Units cleared in just over two hours.

Units on the assignment: W1, T1, R1, BC1101, M19, W19, E2, E7, W10, AC10, W13, AC7, BATT501, E514, MVU514

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