Structure Fire – Broadview Ave

On Sunday, December 20th at 0915 box 0102 was struck for a commercial structure fire at KFC in Warrenton. Battalion 1 arrived first with smoke coming from the roof of the business, and established Command. Engine 1 followed in the seconds behind Battalion 1, secured a water supply, shutting down the main thoroughfare through Warrenton, and deploying a hoseline for fire attack. Tower 1 arrived and prepared to go to the roof while Rescue Squad 1 made entry with Engine 1 and took care of the utilities.  Once entry was made crews found the fire in the kitchen, it was quickly extinguished, and the remaining time was spent evacuating smoke out of the structure. Units operated for approximately 90 minutes. The business has been shut down for an undetermined amount of time.


Units on the run: E1, W19, E3, E10, TW1, RSQ1, M1, AC1 and Batt.1


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