Structure Fire – Bristol Place

Box 0214 was struck for the reported structure fire, with the caller stating flames from the home. Engine, Tanker, Rescue Squad and Medic 1 responded with 17 personnel. First arriving engine reported fire in the attic and fire from the front of the residence. Engine 1 arrived 2nd, placed the 2nd hose line in service first at the front of the residence, then relocated and teamed up with Engine 7 in the rear of the house to have two hose lines working in tandem to extinguish the fire. Engine 1 was able to split their crew and conduct a primary search on the number 1 floor which proved to be negative. Once Rescue Squad 1 arrived they too split their crew to ensure outside responsibilities were taken care of as well. The inside crew of Rescue Squad 1 conducted secondary searches of the number 1 and number 2 floors, opened the attic for the engine companies, and eventually went to the attic and operated with hose lines there and on the number 2 floor to ensure the fire was extinguished. Tanker 1 was assigned to RIT and assisted with overhaul, Medic 1 transported two patients to Fauquier ER with non-life threatening injuries. Members operated in total for just around two hours before being released in phases.


Units on the run: W2, E1, E7, E13, RSQ1, RSQ2, K1, K7, K8, M1, M10, Batt.1, Chief 10


Bristol Place 1 Bristol Place 2 Bristol Place 3

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