Structure Fire – O’Keefe Rd.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 19:51 – Box 0202 was struck for a reported structure fire. Wagon 2 arrived on location advising they had a single story single family dwelling with fire showing from the front of the home. Wagon 2 held command while the crew advanced the initial attack line. Rescue, Engine and Tanker 1 arrived on location. Engine 1 advanced a backup line while the Rescue threw ladders, searched for victims, and preformed vertical ventilation of the roof. The operators on Engine and Tanker 1 setup rural water supply. The fire was extinguished quickly, crews completed overhaul and checked for further hot spots. One dog was reported missing. No injuries were reported. Company 1 united remained on scene for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Units on the assignment: W2, E1, R1, K1, W7, W10, E13, E1202, K7, K13, A14-1, CMD2, R2, C10

Okeefe6 Okeefe5 Okeefe4 Okeefe7 Okeefe2 Okeefe1


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