Residential Fire – Lancaster Drive

At 1342 Hrs. on Thursday, Oct. 1st, a first due house fire was dispatched in the 6500 Blk. of Lancaster Dr. in the Warrenton Lakes subdivision.

Battalion 4(Fauquier County) arrived and reported smoke from the roof. Engine 1 arrived, laid out from Northhampton St. and Lancaster Dr., with Engine 10 (New Baltimore) picking up the line. As Engine 1 was making their way to the 2nd floor for fire attack, Tower 1 arrived and split their crew handle interior and exterior duties. E-10 had the back-up line, which was originally stretched to the side A entrance but redirected to side C to handle fire in the soffit area. Rescue 1 arrived, assisted with additional ladders, secondary searches and other fire ground tasks. Engine 3 (Marshall) obtained secondary water and Engine 4 (The Plains) had RIT.

Within 20 minutes, the fire was knocked and the incident was scaled back to E-1, E-10, Twr-1, R-1, M-5 and Battalion 4 (who held command). Cause and origin is being handled by the Fauquier County Fire Marshal.

Engine 1, 10, 3 & 4
Tower 1
Rescue 1
Tanker 1
Medic 5
Batt 1104 & 1101
EMS 1101

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