Residential Fire – Covington’s Corner Rd

At approximately 0230hrs on Wednesday, July 8th, Engine and Tanker 1 were dispatched to the 7200 Blk. of Covington’s Corner Rd. in Remington’s (Co. 2) first due area. Engine 2 reported smoke and fire from the 2nd floor of the 2 story home and began fire attack. Engine 1 arrived, picked up E-2’s line and the crew met up with Engine 2 to assist with fire attack and primary searches of the 2nd floor. Tanker 1 arrived, nursed E-1 while the crew conducted the primary search on the first floor and began ventilation. Once crews determined there was no extension beyond the room and contents fire and all searches proved negative, Command (BC 1) held the incident with E-2, E-1, K-1 and E-13. The remainder of the box assignment was placed in service.

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