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Certified Recruit

Step 1:

Submit an interest card to the WVFC Recruiting and Membership Team. (Interest Card)

Step two takes approximately one month:

  • Schedule and attend your Interview with the recruiting team.
    • § If you are a junior applicant the interview will take place with your parents or guardian in attendance.
    • § If your interview goes well you will receive an application.
  • Submit your notarized applications with a copy of your driver’s license, birth certificate and driving record to your recruiter.
    • § Incomplete applications will not be accepted or held.
    • § If you have been a resident of Virginia for fewer than six months, please attempt to obtain your driving record from the state of your previous residence. Do not let this delay your application process; simply include a letter with your application explaining the status of your driving record.
    • You can get a copy of your DMV driving record online for a fee. Here is a link to request your Virginia State driving record
    • If you are a high school student, even over the age of 18, you must include a copy of your most recent report card with your application.
  • The recruiter will take your application to the Fauquier County membership meeting for submission. A criminal history check will take place.
  • When a satisfactory criminal history check has been returned you will be notified to schedule your physical and to attend the next business meeting to be introduced to the Company.
  • At the next Company Business meeting you will have the opportunity to say a few words and you will be introduced to the company.
    • § You will then have to complete the Introduction Cards over the next few weeks, visiting each evening’s duty crew.

**The date of return of your background investigation will dictate when you will become eligible to be voted into the company. Those applying MUST have a completed background letter on file before you can be submitted to the roles as a member. Once the above completes and we receive the return on your background investigation you can proceed to step three**.

Step 3

  • At the following (next month’s) Company Business meeting you will have the opportunity to say a few words and you will be voted on by Company members to become a probationary member.
  • After being voted in and upon the receipt of your satisfactory physical results, you will be notified by the Company to attend the Fauquier County membership orientation to obtain your county ID card and complete other required tasks depending on your membership status.

Step 4

  • Begin probationary rookie program.
  • Once a large enough pool of recruits is obtained, you will be required to attend the WVFC Orientation for New Entries (ONE) Training.

Email if you have any question.

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