Outside Fire – Leeds Manor Rd

Box 1101 was sounded for a brush fire with exposures.  Rescue, Wagon, Tanker and Medic 1 responded with 12 personnel.  Tanker 11 arrived to find a one acre slow moving grass and brush fire with structures within 30 feet of the fire.  Tanker 11 requested the second arriving unit, Rescue 1, to take command.  Leeds Manor Road command was set up while Medic 1’s crew donned their PPE and quickly knocked down the right flank and then attacked the left flank of the fire with the booster reel from Tanker 11.  VDOF 11-1 arrived using his skid brush pump to contain the right flank with assistance from the crew of Wagon 1.  Brush 11 held the northern flank. The fire was contained in 15 minutes. Mop up lasted for another hour.  All company 1 units cleared after working for 45 minutes.

Units on the assignment: W1, K1, R1, X1, G1, K11, B11, VDOF

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