Operations Staff

Warrenton Vol. Fire Co. – Command & Operational Officers

Office of the Fire Chief

Steven T. McFarland – steve.mcfarland@warrentonfire.org

Term Expires – December 14, 2022

Office of the Assistant Fire Chief

Samuel F. Myers – sam.myers@warrentonfire.org

Town of Warrenton Station Personnel

Captain, Rodney Woodward Sr. – rodney.woodward@warrentonfire.org

Lieutenant, William Hayes – william.hayes@warrentonfire.org

Staffing Officer

Pending Appointment

Suppression Division

Captain, James Campbell – jimmy.campbell@warrentonfire.org

 Lieutenant, Christopher Sager – chris.sager@warrentonfire.org

Emergency Medical Services Division

Captain, James Daugherty – james.daugherty@warrentonfire.org

Lieutenant, Addison Norden – addie.norden@warrentonfire.org

Special Services Division

Captain, Jason Koglin – jason.koglin@warrentonfire.org

Lieutenant, Rodney Woodward Jr. – rodney.woodwardjr@warrentonfire.org

Training Division

Captain, Robert Elam – robert.elam@warrentonfire.org

Lieutenant, Matthew Ellis – matthew.ellis@warrentonfire.org

Sergeant, Trey Mettinger – trey.mettinger@warrentonfire.org

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