One of the Busiest Days in WVFC History

Yesterday, March  2nd, 2018 was the one of the busiest days in WVFC’s history. Our members responded to 63 calls in an 18 hour period, averaging 3.5 calls per hour. We are very grateful for the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, who stepped up to handle the extreme call volume caused by the severe weather.

Thank you to those who dropped off food and snacks for our members throughout the day, it was greatly appreciated.


Call Tallies (based on dispatch information):

22 Outdoor Electrical Hazards

8 Building Collapses

7 Outside Fires

5 Traffic Crashes

3 Elevator Rescues

3 Odor of Smoke Inside Calls

3 Fire Alarms

3 Public Service Calls

2 Structure Fires

2 Fires Reported Out

1 Traffic Crash with Entrapment

1 Cardiac Arrest

1 Overdose

1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Without Symptoms

1 Medic Alert

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