Office of Information Management

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Data Collection

(Information & Data Retention) Rev. 11/02/2016 How long does Warrenton Fire keep your incident and PCR’s- (patient care reports)? 12VAC5-31-530 (2) Preparation and maintenance of records and reports states in part: “2. EMS agency records shall be prepared and securely maintained at the principle place of operations or a secured storage facility for a period …

EMS Billing

Fauquier County Ambulance Billing / Revenue Recovery (ARR) For information regarding ambulance billing, or questions regarding request for payment you may have received after being transported to the hospital by ambulance, please contact the- Emergency Services Billing Administrator Victoria Moore victoria.moore@fauquiercounty.gov 540-422-8812 Click here to access the Fauquier County Website for more details. HIPAA Compliance …



We have launched a new access file repository. This new access portal was created to make accessing our library of documentation and policy guidance easier and available always- from anywhere. Similar to Dropbox and Target Solutions, you are able to login and review the documents quickly without having to download them to read them right …