Man vs Machine by P.L. Vulcan

On Saturday April 30th, the WVFC hosted an in house course offered by P.L. Vulcan Inc. This nationally known course taught by instructors from major city departments who have experienced these calls in their careers is known as Man vs Machine. It features skills taught in the arenas of rings trapped on fingers, hands trapped in meat grinders, impalement’s by guardrail and rebar, and pedestrians trapped under vehicles. A large commitment to training and increasing the rescue capabilities of the WVFC was on display by our attentive members and the instructors who were nothing less than great. Several members of Fauquier County DFREM attended the all day course as well. A special thank you to the instructors and P.L. Vulcan for what has come to be one of the best classes any of us have taken.

Photo Credits: Original Photographers


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