HazMat Incident- Rappahannock Street

On Tuesday November 24, Medic 1 was alerted for difficulty breathing on box 0102. Upon receiving the notes for the call of possible chemicals in the residence, they requested an Engine Company. Battalion 1/Arft who was monitoring added to the call and requested a HazMat Response bringing Rescue Squad 1 and HazMat 19 with Engine and Medic 1 already responding. An additional ALS transport unit was requested bringing Medic 1-2. Engine 1 arrived secured a water supply and established a decontamination zone, while Rescue Squad 1 assisted Hazmat 19 investigation. Rescue Squad 1 evacuated other occupants, and took them to EMS to be evaluated. Crews quickly discovered a mixture of household cleaner products that caused an inhalation hazard; which were isolated and mitigated according to manufactures guidelines. Medic 1 transported one person with non life threatening injuries, the other occupants denied transport. Chief 1 held command of the incident.


Units on the run: E1, RSQ1, HM19, M1, M1-2, Chief 1, Command 1, and Batt-1

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