Falls – Aiken Road

On Tuesday, February 3rd Tower 1 was requested by Medic 10 to assist with subject that had fallen from a ladder and landed on a second floor balcony. Due to the difficult interior access Medic 10 requested the Towers’ stokes equipment for a high angle rescue. Chief 1 responded with Tower 1 who arrived, assessed the situation and begin setting up for a stokes operation. The patient was immobilized by EMS prior to the arrival of Tower 1 and lashed in the stokes basket  by the crew of the Tower and Chief 1. Once completed, the patient was lowered to the ground and removed from the basket where Medic 10 was waiting, they transported the patient to Fauquier Hospital for evaluation.


Units on the run: T1, W10, M10, Chief 1, Batt.1


IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2836

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