Falls – Aiken Road

On Tuesday, February 3rd Tower 1 was requested by Medic 10 to assist with subject that had fallen from a ladder and landed on a second floor balcony. Due to the difficult interior access Medic 10 requested the Towers’ stokes equipment for a high angle rescue. Chief 1 responded with Tower 1 who arrived, assessed the situation and begin setting up for a stokes operation. The patient was immobilized by EMS prior to the arrival of Tower 1 and lashed in the stokes basket ¬†by the crew of the Tower and Chief 1. Once completed, the patient was lowered to the ground and removed from the basket where Medic 10 was waiting, they¬†transported the patient to Fauquier Hospital for evaluation.


Units on the run: T1, W10, M10, Chief 1, Batt.1


IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2836

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