Crash with Entrapment at James Madison Hwy/Lees Mill Rd

Just after 2230hrs on the evening of Tuesday, January 25, 2022, units from Company 1 and 2 were alerted for a Traffic Crash with Entrapment at James Madison Hwy/Lees Mill Rd. Initial dispatch information indicated a car underneath a tractor-trailer. M1101 arrived first and confirmed a single vehicle had struck a flat trailer just in front of the rear axles. They confirmed a single patient was entrapped. Battalion 1101 and EMS 1101 arrived shortly thereafter. Command was established and Aircare was pre-alerted. The EMS supervisor and Medic 1101’s crew made contact with the patient and noted that they appeared to have minor injuries.

Crews from R1101, W1101, E1102, and R1102 worked through several options for this challenging extrication and it was completed in just over 20 minutes. The patient was removed safely from the vehicle and transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Units: E1101B, R1101, M1101, E1102, R1102, AC1102, BC 1101, EMS 1101

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