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Communications & PIO

Responsibilities of the Public Information Office

The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company is responsible for, and dedicated to, keeping the community informed about fire and rescue activities and other related events that occur in the town and county. The Public Information Office serves as the direct link between the Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County community and the Fire Company through coordination with local media and by using multimedia platforms. These vital tools assist the company in providing timely and accurate information to the public.

One of the responsibilities of the Public Information Office is to compile a daily incident report which is posted on this website as needed, Monday through Friday (with the exception of some holidays). The Public Information Office is also responsible for all external department communications which include news releases of company events and awards, as well as, community partnering events. The Public Information Office is also tasked with managing and updating the company’s website and social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Individuals or insurance companies wishing to obtain verification of an incident report, should complete the Incident Request Form which can be completed online. If you are inquiring about incident you have heard about, please contact the Public Information Office at the contact numbers provided below.

News Media Notice

The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company’s Public Information Office strives to be as responsive as possible and to act in the best interest of our agency, the news media and the residents of The Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County. Routine inquires and other information requests are handled during normal business hours. During post-business hours, weekends and major holidays, a Public Information Office staff member is always on-call for emergencies or significant breaking news events. The on-call member will generally not have information regarding routine events/incidents or have information about incidents being jointly handled with other agencies.

On-call members should only be contacted in incidents of high importance as outlined above. Please note, that because the on-call Public Information Officer changes periodically, news outlets should call the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company at (540) 347-0522 and request the on-call Public Information Officer contact them.

The Public Information Office maintains an email distribution list for breaking news and other police related advisories. In order to be added to this distribution list, the media outlet needs to be credentialed by either the Virginia Association of Broadcasters or the Virginia Press Association and must provide proof to the Public Information Office staff.


*Please ensure a copy of your credentials are attached.

Public Relations Office – Public Information Officer


Mailing Address:  167 West Shirley Ave. Warrenton, Virginia 20186

Attn: Steven T. McFarland, Fire Chief

Phone:  540-347-0522
Fax:  540-347-6513

Secondary Public Information Officer

Attn: Samuel F. Myers, Asst. Fire Chief

Phone:  540-347-0522
Fax:  540-347-6513

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