Commercial Structure Fire – West Lee Hwy

Box 0103 was struck for a Commercial Structure Fire at 41 West Lee Hwy.  The Engine, Tower, Rescue, and Medic-1 responded with 12 personnel.   Upon arrival the Engine observed a small fire in the sign attached to the common awning. The Engine deployed a 24′ ladder and extinguished the fire with a dry chemical extinguisher.  The Tower set up and checked for extension with nothing found. The Rescue went to side C to check for extension with nothing found.  The Tower crew performed overhaul and secured the utilities.  The assignment was reduced to E1, W19, T1, R1 and M1 within 10 minutes.  Work continued for another 35 minutes.

Units on the assignment: E1, T1, R1, M1, W19, E10, E2, W3, W4

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