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Extrication Training

The evening was spent training our newest members on the art of extrication.  The training consisted of removing the driver’s side, the roof, and the passenger side.  Our members would like to thank the generous donation of the vehicle for our training prop.

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Training Burn – Porch Rd

Members from Company One, 10 and 19 performed a joint NFPA 1403 training burn of a donated home.   The training focus was on command and initial attack of a single family dwelling fire.   Our members gained valuable experience during this safe training event.  When the structure was finally compromised we backed away and allowed the …

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Outside Fire – Countywide

More than 40 incidents in 12 hours are how Company One spent a very windy Saturday.   All apparatus from Company One and most of our volunteers from Warrenton played a role in many of Fauquier Counties emergency responses.   The Company was dispatched on calls from Goldvein to Paris and from Catlett to Orlean.  A few of …

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Traffic Crash with Entrapment – Airlie Rd

Box 0130 sounded for a single vehicle into a stone wall with one pinned and one in the road.   Wagon, Wagon 1 Bravo, Rescue, Medic 1 and Medic-19 responded with 18 personnel. Units arrived to find a single vehicle that had struck a stone post head-on. One person had self-extricated and was lying on the …

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Outside Fire – Leeds Manor Rd

Box 1101 was sounded for a brush fire with exposures.  Rescue, Wagon, Tanker and Medic 1 responded with 12 personnel.  Tanker 11 arrived to find a one acre slow moving grass and brush fire with structures within 30 feet of the fire.  Tanker 11 requested the second arriving unit, Rescue 1, to take command.  Leeds …

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Structure Fire – Beach Rd

Box 0114 was sounded for a reported house fire with occupants being evacuated.  Engine, Rescue, Tanker, Ambulance 1-2, and Chief 1 responded with 15 personnel.  Upon arrival Chief 1 reported light smoke showing from side bravo.  Engine 1 laid out on the 500 foot driveway and the crew deployed a 1 3/4 hand line.  Rescue …

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Ice Rescue – Hunton St

Alarm 0133 was struck for a possible drowning.  An individual fell through thin ice while attempting to rescue a small dog who had fallen into the ice of the pond.  The individual self-rescued prior to Company One arrival.  After investigation two members of the Engine one crew obtained a canoe, entered the ice covered pond and …

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Structure Fire – Slippery Rock Ln

Box 0709 was struck for a house on fire.  Engine, Tanker and Rescue one responded with 10 personnel.  Wagon 7 arrived to a fully involved structure.  Upon arrival the Engine crew attacked the fire with a 2 1/2″ hand line.  The Tanker crew took a 1 3/4″ hand line to side Charlie to knock down …

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Chimney Fire – Oliver Ln

Box 1002 was struck for a Chimney Fire on Oliver Ln. The Engine, Rescue, and AC-1 responded with 9 personnel.  Upon arrival Engine 10 worked to extinguish fire in the chimney.  AC-1 arrived assuming command from Engine 10. Rescue 1 deployed to the roof and Engine 1 assisted Engine 10 to extinguish any remaining fire. Units …

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Chimney Fire – Beaver Dam Rd 1209

Box 1209 was struck for a Chimney Fire on Beaver Dam Rd.  The Engine and Tanker one responded with 7 personnel.   Upon arrival the Engine and Tanker staged. The assignment was reduced returning most. Units staged for 15 minutes. Units on the assignment: E1209, A1209, K1209, RE1203, E1203, R2, E2, W2, E1, K1

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