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Training Burn – Porch Rd

Members from Company One, 10 and 19 performed a joint NFPA 1403 training burn of a donated home.   The training focus was on command and initial attack of a single family dwelling fire.   Our members gained valuable experience during this safe training event.  When the structure was finally compromised we backed away and allowed the …

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Outside Fire – Countywide

More than 40 incidents in 12 hours are how Company One spent a very windy Saturday.   All apparatus from Company One and most of our volunteers from Warrenton played a role in many of Fauquier Counties emergency responses.   The Company was dispatched on calls from Goldvein to Paris and from Catlett to Orlean.  A few of …

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Traffic Crash with Entrapment – Airlie Rd

Box 0130 sounded for a single vehicle into a stone wall with one pinned and one in the road.   Wagon, Wagon 1 Bravo, Rescue, Medic 1 and Medic-19 responded with 18 personnel. Units arrived to find a single vehicle that had struck a stone post head-on. One person had self-extricated and was lying on the …

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Outside Fire – Leeds Manor Rd

Box 1101 was sounded for a brush fire with exposures.  Rescue, Wagon, Tanker and Medic 1 responded with 12 personnel.  Tanker 11 arrived to find a one acre slow moving grass and brush fire with structures within 30 feet of the fire.  Tanker 11 requested the second arriving unit, Rescue 1, to take command.  Leeds …

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Structure Fire – Beach Rd

Box 0114 was sounded for a reported house fire with occupants being evacuated.  Engine, Rescue, Tanker, Ambulance 1-2, and Chief 1 responded with 15 personnel.  Upon arrival Chief 1 reported light smoke showing from side bravo.  Engine 1 laid out on the 500 foot driveway and the crew deployed a 1 3/4 hand line.  Rescue …

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Ice Rescue – Hunton St

Alarm 0133 was struck for a possible drowning.  An individual fell through thin ice while attempting to rescue a small dog who had fallen into the ice of the pond.  The individual self-rescued prior to Company One arrival.  After investigation two members of the Engine one crew obtained a canoe, entered the ice covered pond and …

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Structure Fire – Slippery Rock Ln

Box 0709 was struck for a house on fire.  Engine, Tanker and Rescue one responded with 10 personnel.  Wagon 7 arrived to a fully involved structure.  Upon arrival the Engine crew attacked the fire with a 2 1/2″ hand line.  The Tanker crew took a 1 3/4″ hand line to side Charlie to knock down …

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Chimney Fire – Oliver Ln

Box 1002 was struck for a Chimney Fire on Oliver Ln. The Engine, Rescue, and AC-1 responded with 9 personnel.  Upon arrival Engine 10 worked to extinguish fire in the chimney.  AC-1 arrived assuming command from Engine 10. Rescue 1 deployed to the roof and Engine 1 assisted Engine 10 to extinguish any remaining fire. Units …

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Chimney Fire – Beaver Dam Rd 1209

Box 1209 was struck for a Chimney Fire on Beaver Dam Rd.  The Engine and Tanker one responded with 7 personnel.   Upon arrival the Engine and Tanker staged. The assignment was reduced returning most. Units staged for 15 minutes. Units on the assignment: E1209, A1209, K1209, RE1203, E1203, R2, E2, W2, E1, K1

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Commercial Structure Fire – West Lee Hwy

Box 0103 was struck for a Commercial Structure Fire at 41 West Lee Hwy.  The Engine, Tower, Rescue, and Medic-1 responded with 12 personnel.   Upon arrival the Engine observed a small fire in the sign attached to the common awning. The Engine deployed a 24′ ladder and extinguished the fire with a dry chemical …

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