50 Years of Service

At last Thursday’s Fauquier County Board of Supervisors meeting, board member Chris Granger made a proclamation honoring Dale Koglin and Steve Ross for 50 years of active service in the Warrenton Fire Company.  The two joined back in 1963 when they were just 14 years old.  At that age, Koglin and Ross cleaned up the old firehouse on Main Street and tagged along at a distance on calls, but couldn’t actually fight any fires.  But as other members came and went, Koglin and Ross never wavered. They made sure they never received two D’s or an F in school (which would have gotten them booted from the company), and when they turned 16, they received the training necessary to become full-fledged volunteer firefighters.  Throughout the years, they remained active, even while juggling demanding professional careers. Ross became the fire chief at Dulles Airport, while Koglin served for years as Warrenton’s Chief of Police.

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