Structure Fire - Box 0703 - Burwell Rd


Monday, January 28, 2013 03:03 Box 0703 was struck for a reported structure fire.  Wagon, Tanker, and, Medic 1 responded with 11 personnel.  Chief 7 arrived on scene and advised he had a two story split level with smoke showing side Alpha, and fire in the basement.  Wagon and Tanker 1 arrived on scene and went to work assisting company 7 crews with fire attack, while the drivers set up the dump site.  The fire was knocked; company 1 units remained on scene assisting with overhaul until released by command.

Units on the assignment: CF-7, E-7, W-1, E-505, W-10, K-1, E-2, E-13, K-7, K-1, K-13, K-8, R-508, CMD-10, M-1