Structure Fire - Box 0111 - Country Lane


Saturday, January 5, 2013 15:25 Box 0111 was struck for a Barn Fire on Country Lane. Wagon, Tanker, Tower, Chief, and Medic-1 responded with 13 personnel.  Wagon 1 arrived on scene with a 25x50 barn fully involved.  Chief 1 established Country Lane Command while crews quickly knocked the fire with two 1.75” hand lines.  The assignment was reduced to W-1, W-7, T-1, K-1, K-8 and M-1 within 15 minutes. Company 1 units remained on scene for overhaul for another 60 minutes.

Units on the Scene: Chief 1, W1, T-1, K-1, M-1, U-1, W-7, K-8, K-5, AC-7